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California Capital 

Internation Documentary 

Film Festival 

Congratulations Winners 

2023 Festival Winners

Directed By: Matthew Danzico

The California Capital International Documentary Film Festival would like to award War Games for Best of Short Documentary!


This film takes us on a touching journey through the lives of two resilient 12-year-old football captains in the war-ravaged towns of Bucha and Irpin, providing a gripping narrative of their struggles, resilience, and unwavering determination. In the wake of Russia's invasion, the documentary unveils the profound impact of conflict on these young souls who, against all odds, emerge from months of hiding to engage in their first match—a symbolic game against each other. 


War Games not only captures the harsh realities of war but also celebrates the human spirit's ability to find solace and strength in the beautiful game. Congratulations  to the entire team behind the film for crafting a documentary that resonates deeply and leaves a lasting impact on its audience.

War Games :

Between the Bombs We Play

We appreciate your continued support  as we strive to make the festival a memorable and successful experience for all participants, thank you to all the film makers for participating this year. 

We are excited to announce the California Capital International Documentary Film Festival 2024 happening October  4th-6th.

California Capital International Documentary Film Festival 2024 

Directed By: Kathryn Kasic

The California Capital International Documentary Film Festival would like to award The Lake at the Bottom of the World  for Best of Festival!


A  remarkable documentary that not only explores the mysteries buried deep under Antarctica but also pushes the boundaries of filmmaking and scientific collaboration.

Director Kathy Kasic's co-creation approach, beautifully captures how ideas can organically evolve within a community, paving the way for a new era of collaboration between filmmakers and scientists. Highlighting the power of teamwork and the joy of discovery, demonstrating that with the right team and tools, we can advance our understanding of the world.

The impact of the film goes beyond the screen, challenging preconceived notions about Antarctica and shedding light on its vibrant ecosystem beneath the ice. The exploration of subglacial water and ecosystems contributes globally relevant information, emphasizing the importance of these discoveries on ice sheet stability and the broader role of subglacial ecosystems.

Congratulations again on this well-deserved recognition. The Lake at the Bottom of the World is not just a film; it's a groundbreaking journey that inspires and enlightens, leaving a lasting impact on both the cinematic and scientific communities.

The Lake at the Bottom of the World 


Directed By: Saeed Mayahy

The California Capital Documentary Film Festival would like to award Transformation for Best Foreign Documentary.    


A powerful and moving portrayal of resilience and self-discovery in the aftermath of conflict. Seeking refuge in the dark and dodgy neighborhood of Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, the film chronicles the journey of a young Kabul couple, Malika and Mohamed, who have fled persecution and honor killings in Afghanistan. 


Their path intersects with the life of Ilham, a young and homeless individual, and together they form an unconventional family bound by love and shared struggles. The narrative beautifully explores themes of forbidden love, gender identity, and the pursuit of a better life amidst poverty and the constant threat of deportation. 


Congratulations to the filmmakers for delivering a compelling and thought-provoking film that transcends borders and resonates with universal themes of hope, self discovery, and the human spirit.


Directed By Katharine Parsons

The California Capital international Documentary Film Festival would like to award Fire Cats: Save Something Small for Best Documentary Subject.


Capturing the harrowing experiences and heroic efforts of the cat rescuers in the wake of the Tubbs wildfires, is truly commendable.


The film unfolding with profound emotion, showcasing the dedication of the cat rescuers who, in the face of tragedy, devote their lives to reuniting families with their feline companions. A heart-wrenching story of loss and the unwavering commitment to.

The Fire Cats:

Save Somthing Small

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